Zambia: Buffalo Kill Pregnant Woman Remove 8 Month Unborn Child in Her Womb.

Sad News..

A 39-year-old pregnant woman has been killed by a wounded buffalo while on her way to a local clinic for a maternity check-up in Chama district of Muchinga Province of Zambia.

The woman who was identify as Alice Msimuko was on her way to clinic with her friend when the incident happened. It was said that when they both say the Buffalo, her friend ran away but the pregnant woman couldn’t run.

Alice Msimuko stomach was ripped open by the buffalo’s horns, removing her 8 -month, unborn child from the womb.

In confirming the news, provincial Police Commissioner Joel Njase said..

What happened is that the woman was going to Chifunda clinic for a maternity check up, using a bush path, with a friend, when a buffalo came out of the bush. The woman was eight months pregnant…she failed to run away, the friend managed to run away and so she was attacked and killed, The buffalo removed the baby from her stomach, itwas a girl and it also died,” Njase said.

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