Uganda: Witch Dorctor Who Have not Bath for 30years, Came to Church With A Live Snake and a Featherless Hen Gave His Life Christ (Photos).

It was a powerful prayer program organized by Robert kayanja ministries a Church in Uganda, as the Church gathered to celebrate her 3rd year anniversary.

Ali kirunda is a witch doctor whom God arrested.

According to the pastor, Here is the story!!

Ali Kirunda the witch from Kangulumira gave his life to Christ last night.
As we gathered to celebrate our third year anniversary since the Holy spirit visited our Land, the gentleman who was a practicing witchdoctor.

Ali Kakaire brought his father dressed in backcloth, smoking pipe, with a featherless hen which, despite their efforts to kill had failed to die along with a huge cobra.

I’ve seen witchcraft portions right from the start of the first phase of this Revival but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Back then, I would pray for people and they could manifest into different animals, hiss like snakes and all sorts of creatures but I’ve never seen a live cobra that huge brought to Church.

As I prayed for the old man, the hen, tied with charms around its neck kept running away in a just one direction until I cut off the charms from the man himself and the hen.

As we poured the first bottle of petrol in the water can where the cobra was setting it ablaze, it remained alive until after the second bottle of petrol!

This gentleman has not bathed for over 30years of his life because the spirits he formerly served prohibited him! Instead he could only pour some water believed to be from the spirits, on himself whenever he went to the lake.
Again, I have never seen such a thing before but guess what, IT IS A NEW SEASON.
This has ushered us into a new season of the Glory of God. His presence was so strong last night and we believe every bondage is now broken.

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