TANZANIAN: Little Girl Lost Both Parents and Her Three Siblings to Motor Accident.

LIFE can be cruel in this empty world as one can lose the entire family within seconds. The sad story of this helpless little girl from Tanzania.

The family was travelling to Kilimanjaro to attend her graduation ceremony and in the process the car lost control after heavy rains killing everyone in Tanga region.


She waited to see her beloved family with flowers and presents only to be told that your father, mother, two brothers and sister is no more. Imagine the pain and devastation.

She cried uncontrollably and couldn’t believe not until yesterday when they buried five (5) of them at the same cemetery. May the Almighty God we worship in Zambia and everywhere across the world be with this little girl in this sad moments of her life.

It is not easy but God who healed Job will do the rest. As this year is about to end, you shall not encounter any accident nor any sudden death in your family in Jesus name. Amen.


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