Nigeria: “Whether the Devil Likes it or Not, i Must Locate My Husband on Facebook” – Angela Nwosu.

Popular Social Media User Named Angela Nwosu recall how she posted on Facebook in search of a man who will father her children and love her.

She also narrated how her followers insulted her, call her names just because of her post.

According to her, she later found the love of her life on Facebook and they are happily married.

Read her post below:

I made this post exactly 3 years ago. Thanks to Facebook for bringing it back. Those years I was shouting and singing it here, that I must locate my husband on Facebook. People called me names, trolled me and said all sorts of mean things to me. All the posts I made then, came with unpleasant comments and curses from both men and woman.

Just negodu my life now. Exactly one year after I made this post, I met Emeka Soundmind, my able God, on Facebook and spoke to him on the phone, for the first time, and since then, it’s been ahead, ahead, all the way. Look at me and see the massive transformation, peace of mind, true love and happiness. This is the pure definition of ‘started from the bottom, now we here”

I saw my future, I knew where I was going. I was happily doing my nkogheri videos and built a wall around myself, I never allowed the negative comments and social media bullies get to me, instead, I used their words to fuel myself. The more they attacked me, the more I became worse🤣 I was the most insulted person on Facebook then, who didn’t know me? In the midst of all the insults, my odogwu Soundy singled me out. This life eehn 😅 Meeting my husband is my greatest achievement, I must say. I don’t know what else can beat that. Omo mehn, I thank God.

Wey those people wey dey insult me that year… how market? Na all of us start this Facebook o.


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