Meet Russian Doctor Who Operated His Accute Appendicitis By Himself.

His name is Russian explorer Leonid Rogozov.

When Rogozov developed accute appendicitis on a remote expedition in the middle of Antarctica in 1961, he was the only doctor on site.

He had to perform his own appendectomy. The surgery did not go as planned. As he started to move his intestines to get to his appendix, he accidently sliced open his lower intestine, which he then had to suture. From opening incision to the removal of the appendix and final suture, the surgery took nearly two hours. Rogozov never lost consciousness.

Leonid Rogozov not only survived, he returned to his normal duties as a member of the team two weeks later. The strength of the human spirit is nothing short of remarkable. Admittedly though, I faint every time I see a needle. Hearing goes out, nausea ensues, things go dark and then blamo I’m on the floor. Never fails. Good on you though Dr. Rogozov.


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