Ghanna: Nigeria Must Peacefully Retire These Old Colonial Leaders Who are Still Servants to Western Imperialism – RAWLINGS, FORMER GHANAIAN PRESIDENT.

I can’t believe that despite the setback of Nigeria as a result of a failed British experiment on that country, Nigeria is still very much in Love with them –

Ngeria has everything it needs to be the greatest country not just in Africa but in the world the British knew about it.

There are two things that can salvage Nigeria:

The first is Nigeria must peacefully retire these old colonial leaders who are still servants to western imperialism,

The second is Nigerians must restructure their country back to the days when it was regional system of government.

Let every region develop at its own pace, build its resources and people.

With this that country called Nigeria will be the greatest hub for the people of color in the world.

~JJ. Rawlins
Former Ghanaian President.

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