Gahanna: American Woman Killed Herself After US Base Ghannian Lover Scammed Her of $100,000.

An American woman has killed herself, after she discovered the money she was sending to her supposed Military lover turned out to be a big scam and not the real person.

US-based Ghanaian, Rubbin Sarpong has been arrested after scamming  American woman of $93,710 he lured her into an online romance.

Sarpong scammed over 30 victims identified so far as  27 sent more than $823,000 through his bank accounts.

One of his victims is reported to have committed suicide after sending more than $93,000, according to investigators.

Sarpong and his co-conspirators, several of whom live in Ghana, have been into this scam business since January 2016. They create profiles on various online dating sites posing as U.S. military personnel and would pretend to forge romantic relationships with their victims, authorities said.


In one of the scenarios, the scammers would then ask for money to ship gold bars they had recovered while stationed in Syria back to the United States, authorities said.

The scammer in this case told her he was a soldier serving in Syria and that he was awarded a box of gold bars worth more than $12 million.

What followed was an elaborate story about how she could help get the gold to the U.S.

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