Brazillian: Inmate Who Tried to Escape Dressed as His Teen Daughter Commites Suicide (Photos).

The Brazilian inmate who tried to escape from prison disguised as his teenage daughter, wearing a plastic mask, a black wig, a grey hoodie and a bra was found dead in his room in the jail cell three days later.

After his elaborate jailbreak attempt, captured on video, Clauvino da Silva allegedly killed himself.

“The inmate appears to have hanged himself with a bedsheet,” Rio’s prison authority said in a statement.

The 42-year-old convicted drug dealer’s plan of escape was to switch places with his daughter and put her in prison instead of him, according to Rio prison officials. After visiting hours at Banju jail, da Silva tried to flee through the front door dressed as her.

Guards quickly snatched the disguised prisoner.

 “When he started talking, and pretending to speak like a woman, the guard realized that it was an attempted jailbreak, and identified him,” said Moyses Henriques, deputy head of prison operations in Rio state.

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